Good news! Vallée Bleue has adopted e4soft technologies. Operations at the Val-David resort are now supported by GO RMS and GO PLAY.

Our solutions are dedicated to optimizing recreational tourism companies’ operations by streamlining operations and centralizing data in one place. They also provide real-time information inventories and activities. Vallée Bleue will be well equipped to deliver memorable recreational tourism experiences!

Our solution will also increase compliance with social distancing guidelines. The time to prepare for the upcoming season is now. 
At e4soft inc our mission is to support you in your new realities and provide you with the best contactless solutions on the market.

Thank you, Isabelle Emond, for your trust in us!

Let us guide you through this improvement process. We will discuss and analyze your needs in depth in order to propose the management modules best suited to your every requirement.

We will support you up through the complete integration of your customized solution so you will be autonomous and ready to go in no time.

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